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April 14, 2009

Throwing up Plastic. It’s the Green Moms Carnival!

Welcome to the April edition of the Green Moms Carnival. Fake Plastic Fish is thrilled to be the receptacle of this Pile of Plastic Posts. And speaking of piles of plastic, did you ever wonder what it feels like to throw up a plastic bag? Then you must see this brand new video (just released today) by Free Range Studios, the guys who brought us The Meatrix and The Story of Stuff. Here is The Bay vs. The Bag:

And now, let’s hear what others have to say about plastic!

Marianna from Green Mama’s Pad presents a comprehensive guide to plastics recycling, including a cute video showing a simplified version of the process, as well as facts about bottled water, in her post, Recycling Plastic. She also submitted a post on having an Eco-Friendly Easter when the carnival was originally scheduled to post before Easter.

Speaking of recycling, Diane from Big Green Purse asks, “If it’s not easy to recycle something, is it really recyclable?” and urges support for a national bottle bill in her post Want to Increase Plastic Bottle Recycling? Put a Deposit on It. Oh, how I love these activist bloggers!

Recycling is fine, but Mary Hunt from In Women We Trust brings us Weeding Out Of Plastic Purchases, in which she wonders why we’ve skipped the first two steps, Reduce and Reuse, and jumped right to Recycle. She urges us to create a plastic-free culture by avoiding purchasing new plastic in the first place.

And speaking of plastic toys, Lynn Miller from Organic Mania (and founder of the Green Moms Carnival) recycles one of her most popular posts: Just Say No To Cheap Plastic Crap.

For the teachers among us, Myscha Theriault offers Eight Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic in the Classroom on her site, The Lesson Machine blogazine. I love these tips from a perspective we don’t often get.

Sommer from Green & Clean Mom presents Reducing the Use of Plastics, sharing her love for glass and stainless steel containers instead of plastic bottles and food containers.

Ruchi Shah has written several articles about reducing our plastic consumption, all published as editorials on the Just Means web site. How to Reduce Your Plastic Use When You’re Out and About, Reducing Plastic While Shopping, and Beyond the Basics for Reducing Plastic pretty much cover it all for the non-parents among us.

Jenn from The Smart Mama is grumpy about plastic. Her post Plastic, Plastic Everywhere: What Would Beth Do? made me laugh, and not just because of the title. Her quip to a guy in the supermarket line is priceless, albeit snarky. But read her post and you’ll understand the frustration!

Another ornery blogger, Alline from A Passion for Green Business reminds us of the damage plastic is doing to our environment and lists 8 steps we can all take to make a difference in her post Enough With The Plastic Already! Like Ruchi, she’s also in the Plastic-Free Posse

as is Michaela from the Mindful Momma. She ponders the pros and cons of PLA in her post What’s the Scoop on Compostable Plastics? Not every area has city-wide composting that will accept these types of plastics like we do here in Oakland.

Katy Farber from Non-Toxic Kids provides a few handy plastics guides in her post, Plastic Safety Information (a tired parent’s refresher) and cautions us to avoid microwaving in plastic or using plastic cling wrap.

Perhaps the most creative title in this carnival belongs to the post from Anna of Green Talk. How to Unweave Plastic from the Fabric of our Lives offers Anna’s personal story of “snapping” at a salad bar and lists the steps she’s taken to avoid plastic as well as ideas for ways to reuse plastic when it can’t be avoided.

Robbie Schneider from Going Green Mama, one of the most recent Plastic-Free Posse members, offers Parting with Plastic Painlessly. Among other ideas for reducing plastic waste, she asks us to choose our pharmacy wisely. Read the post to find out why.

Lisa Sharp from Retro Housewife Goes Green tallies her plastic for a day in One Day of Plastic and finds that some days are easier than others.

A day is fine, but Deborah from Pure Mothers is doing a 30 Day Plastic Cleanse. Realizing that she can’t entirely give up plastic, she’s focusing on disposable items that only last 1 – 30 days in her home before becoming plastic waste. And like others, she rants a bit about plastic toys in her second post for this carnival, The Plastic Man.

Jenn from The Green Parent was astounded by the amount of plastic she encountered after having a baby and provides a list of great (and cute) plastic-free choices in Plastic-Free Baby Gear.

There. That’s not too much to read today, is it? Don’t worry. I’ll be way too busy this week to write many more words. I’ll probably just post photos from the Oakland Earth Expo on Wednesday. (Are you coming by to visit???)

Oh crap! I have to get our taxes done by then, too!

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Green Fundraising
14 years ago

Hey all! I’m going to tweet this post’s url and add it to our Earth Day post on our site. I dislike much about plastic, so appreciate all your efforts in getting a great bit of information out there to everyone.


Fr. Peter Doodes
14 years ago

That is one amazing video…

14 years ago

Wow, what a moving video. Thanks for all your hard work putting together this carnival. May be weekend reading for me – but I’m slow. ;)

14 years ago

Lots of interesting info.

I wonder why we as a society skip the first three! steps, REFUSE, Reduce and Reuse, and jumped right to Recycle. Even recycling is a hard sell…
Refuse to bring these items into your life. Not just reduce.

One major thing to refuse, although it not popular, is reproduction.

mother earth aka karen hanrahan
14 years ago

Thank you Beth for hosting this month’s carnival. The topic of course could not be presented by anyone else. I’d love to see how they created that wave of plastic in that video – love it!

Anna (Green Talk)
14 years ago

Wow what a great list of plastic free posts! How inspiring.

I love the video and will post it on my site as well. The bag coming out of the nose and being thrown up was a little sickening but as Lynn said, very effective.

Good luck with your taxes!

John Costigane
14 years ago


A fantastic carnival of people clued-up to the current situation. You just feel that one day everybody will be doing this.

To be part of the change to sustainable living gives you a positive feeling in a world of negatives.

14 years ago

Thanks for all of these links!

Unrelated: I didn’t find mention of this company and its products on your site. I just got a plastic free shipment of deeply discounted organic sheets from Gaiam. I was so pleased that from a major retailer the only plastic seemed to be some stickers on the box. The sheets are super-soft and on sale – still pricey, but worth it in my opinion.


Barb in FL
14 years ago

Thanks for this particular blog today, Beth! I have bookmarked all of the links from the other ones’ blogs and have even forwarded some links to other people I know!

Myscha Theriault
14 years ago

Hi Beth! Thanks for including me in the carnival round up. The other articles look like amazing resources. I can’t wait to start clicking and reading.

Reena Kazmann
14 years ago

Beth, Thanks for putting it out there — it’s hard to avoid plastic as you point out.

Part of the solution can be a neighborhood approach to reuse of plastic packaging, packing peanuts, plastic toys.. Pass on the existing supply.

Our neighborhood’s list serve has occasional posts on this. Condo neighbors bring me their packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

14 years ago

That’s a great video. Totally creepy. I love it. Thanks!

Lynn from
14 years ago

Beth, thanks so much for this phenomenol compilation of posts for the Green Moms Carnival. It’s so fitting that you should host this carnival – I think all of us “Green Moms” think of YOU when we deal with plastic more often than you would ever realize.

And I love the video – how sad, but hopefully effective. I’ll be tweeting this out too!

Lisa Sharp
14 years ago

Thanks for all your hard work getting this put together, I know you are busy!

And I would come see you if I could!! Take LOTS AND LOTS of pictures.