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October 19, 2009

Plastic-Free Intermission

After seeing two Broadway musicals this past week (Wicked, for the second time, and Rent, for the fifth) I just have one quick and easy tip to share today.  Skip the plastic wine cups during theater intermissions. Bring your own reusable beverage container.

I came prepared with two of the stainless steel wine “glasses” I purchased this summer — one for me and one for my friend Mark. But you can use pretty much anything that will hold liquid. It’s a great conversation starter and an awesome way to hold up the line and irritate the people behind you.

Or fill up your Klean Kanteen at home and bring it instead. It’s stainless steel, so no one can see what’s in it anyway. Just kidding. I would never suggest that you bring outside beverages into the theater with you other than plain tap water.  (I’ve been up all night working on a website [not mine] and am probably exhausted, but I had so much coffee yesterday [in my reusable travel mug] that I can’t really tell.)

Bringing our own beverage containers when we go out does require some planning ahead. But then, so does brushing our teeth or combing our hair before we leave the house. It doesn’t feel that way because, for most of us, these personal hygiene tasks have become habits so ingrained that we do them automatically. But those of you who have children know that cleaning ourselves up before going out in public is not necessarily an innate drive. We once had to learn these tasks, just as now we are learning new habits to care for the hygiene of the planet.

Owning reusable containers is easy.  Remembering to bring them is not.  Have you developed any tricks to remind yourself to bring your own cup, mug, or reusable bottle when going out into the world?

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Beau @ water containers
14 years ago

Hi Beth

I do have adsense on my site, like a lot of bloggers I know, but that’s not all of what I’m about. I also like to be part of the community and say my bit. My comments weren’t spam, or ever meant to be. I’m pro good plastic and anti bad plastic and I think it is a valid position to take and I also have posts on the site that reflect both sides. At the same time I respect your position and what you are trying to do .. its a very important one and is helping to redress the balance away from overuse of bad plastics in particular and the issues of recycling which if you didn’t give voice to, would allow commerce to rule instead of ethics …… Apology accepted :-) Keep up the good work

Beau @ plastic water containers
14 years ago

Hi Beth

sorry if you found my posting offensive. It wasn’t meant to be. I prefer to take a view that looks at both sides and not all plastics are bad …. PET plastics are ok… and there is a lot of plastic recycling going on nowadays too. But I understand that you have an agenda and a mission that you are very passionate about and so I will bow out gracefully and wish you all the best.

Beth Terry
14 years ago

Hi Beau. It’s not that I found your comment offensive. Anyone is allowed to comment here. It’s just that when I looked at your site, it really looks just like a spam site set up simply to generate Google advertising hits. It’s also a very pro plastic web site. And your comment didn’t so much seem like part of the conversation as a way to get hits on your site. If I’m wrong, I apologize.

Beth Terry
14 years ago

Hi, Alison. I can only guess that some areas have health codes that restrict establishments from filling customers’ cups? Personally, I have never had a problem getting my cup filled at a cafe. San Francisco, Hawaii, Chicago… every cafe has done it. Where I have had problems are delis and restaurants. Some will; some won’t. When they won’t, I simply walk out, explaining why I can’t eat/drink there until they change their policy. I’m generally nice about it but firm.

14 years ago

I am an avid (some might say rabid) tea drinker, and I hardly ever leave the house without carrying my metal tea cup. So, I always have a reusable cup with me in case I make a purchase, but here’s my question: why do some places refuse to fill your reusable cup with their produce? Starbucks (at least the ones in many airports), I’m lookin’ at you! On the one hand, they are very nice about always giving me hot water for free (even though I offer to pay), but they tell me they must use their own cup. Go figure…………….

Beth Terry
14 years ago

Hey, Beau. I almost didn’t approve your comment because it looks like spam. Your web site is full of ads for plastic bottles, including disposable plastic containers. This is not at all what Fake Plastic Fish is about. I believe we need FEWER plastic containers in this world, not MORE. Anyway, I went ahead and posted your comment because I don’t want to be accused of censorship. But seriously, your site just looks like a way to make money from Google ads.

Beau @ water containers
14 years ago

I’m never without my water bottle now. I think all the media hype about drinks lots of water finally got to me and then i found i enjoyed it and needed to have it with me all the time … and in a woman’s bag …. plenty of room, no problem (now if I could just get rid of this ‘kitchen sink’ that’s in there ….)

14 years ago

Tricks- lol no tricks to remember bringing my muggsly. I did buy my dog a dog pack to kep his stainless steel waterbottle in,

14 years ago

I travel everywhere with a diaper bag. I keep some re-usable nylon bags in there, the kind that fold up super-small. And I’m used to grabbing a water bottle before I leave. I think the trick for me is keeping the stuff I don’t use often in the bag, so that it’s there when I need it. And the rest, it only takes one or two instances of not having the item I need when I need it to drill it into my skull that I can’t forget it. I would never leave the house without wallet, keys, and spare diapers for the baby. I would also never leave without my water bottle, it’s just the same for me.

Kathy G
14 years ago

I’ve got the water container habit down-I keep it in my car so I can remember to bring it in with me. However, I need to work on the utensil part. Each Friday I go to Whole Foods for lunch and use one of their non-disposable plates or bowls for my food. I ALWAYS need to use one of their plastic forks, though, because I’ve forgotten to bring one.

The only good news in the situation is that I bring home the fork. When I have a large amount I donate them to our church so they can used again.

14 years ago

Mark’s famous!! Wow. My tip for having reusable things handy is: I have a stainless steel water bottle and coffee mug that live at work – otherwise I would NEVER remember. I keep bowl, fork, spoon, knife @ work. I always keep 1 envirosac in my purse. I’m still working on some of the other stuff – but basically – make it as easy as possible on yourself to comply.

14 years ago

Now that’s takin ita step further! Much needed…I just started to remember on a consistent basis to bring my reusable grocery bags. I also carry around a travel mug for coffee.

If you like Rent-you would love “In the Heights”. Have you seen it? LOVED IT!

Thanks for the tips!

14 years ago

Wow, if you’ve got some good ideas I’d love to hear them. I’m trying to get in the habit of bringing my own reusable take-out containers when I go to restaurants. I’m remembering to do so a fair amount of the time, but inevitably have doh! moments about 25% of the time.

I think it’s because a) I don’t eat out all the time, and b) I only need take-out containers at certain restaurants. It’s not enough frequency for the habit to set in and I have to think about whether I need the container or not (and sometimes forget). We usually drive to restaurants, so maybe just leave a take-out “kit” in the car?

The Raven
14 years ago

What cute mugs! I can just click over…

But I’m officially NOT BUYING THEM (at least this week while I’m on my consumption diet). Get back, you temptress!