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July 12, 2010

Did you give this reusable bag to Beth Terry?

Beth Terry and Beth Terry

Yesterday, my dad and I had brunch with Beth Terry, the motivational speaker who bought the domain before I even knew you could do such a thing. We comment on each others’ blogs occasionally and make our readers think we’re talking to ourselves. She happened to be leaving Oahu the day after I arrived, so we met up in the morning for brunch at Dukes in Waikiki and exchanged gifts.

I gave her a GlassDharma glass drinking straw, and she gave me a copy of her book, 101 Ways to Make Your Life Easier, and a reusable bag with a funny story. Apparently, Beth was in the airport a while back, and a woman noticed the name on her luggage tag. Excited, the woman dug in her own luggage and handed Beth a reusable bag, thanking her for her work around plastic pollution. Or something like that. Beth says she thinks she told her that she wasn’t me but would see that I got the bag if she ever met up with me.

Well, she did. So if you are the woman from the airport, thank you. I’ve got your bag and I’ll use it.

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That’s awesome that you guys got to meet up, and that she passed along the reusable bag. You are clearly an inspiration to all kinds of people.

Lisa @Retro Housewife Goes Green

To cool! Hope the lady sees this. :)


Lovely moments like these confirm the meaning of one’s life and work.


Oh, that’s hilarious. At least you’ll never forget her name if you meet her at a party ;-)


yay…..cute story, photo & gifts! :D

Erin Rippy

I love when life and serendipity meld like this. Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence, and sometimes it’s fate.

Thank you for being two very inspiring and wonderful women, Beth and Beth, and for sharing your lives and stories with us. :)


P.S – Yes I know that Robert Johnson, blues singer extraordinaire, is long passed away.


Ok Ok I was dressed in Drag and it was me.

J/K Pretty cool. I have of course never meet my namesake Robert Johnson, blues singer extraordinaire, but would hope someone would give him a bag to give me when and if we ever met!


This is a tiny, tiny world. That book looks like a good read, I’ll have to check it out :D


Delicious story, and thank you for the link to DharmaGlass. We use drinks that require straw so seldom that the idea of a reusable straw was not high on my list, but just yesterday we were out with one of the grandkids and the waiter brought her drink with a straw in it. Time to invest in a couple of those to carry with us.


Cool post. Cool to have met. So cool to have exchanged presents, plus a plastic bag someone gave her. Wow!

Beth Terry (the other one)

Danika – I KNOW Beth and I are destined to be friends. She is very cool and a lot of fun. I wish we’d had more time together!

Hope the creator of the bag steps forward! I want her to know I kept my word!

Danika Carter

That’s cute :) I think you 2 are destined to be friends.


Totally.Fun.Post! :)


I love it!!!


this story brought tears to my eyes. . . happy tears of course.