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September 7, 2010

Feelgoodz natural plastic-free flip flops

I need new flip flops. Seriously. I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes since I stopped buying new plastic three years ago, and this summer, I’ve been walking around on worn down foam Teva’s that look like this:

worn down Teva flip flops

Any podiatrist worth his/her degree would be appalled.

So anyway, I needed new flip flops, and I remembered that Lisa from Condo Blues had worn a pair of natural rubber FeelGoodz flip flops to the Blogher conference last year and loved them. So I wrote to the company and asked for a pair to review on Fake Plastic Fish.

(Disclosure:  If you purchase Feelgoodz flip flops via this link, I earn a small commission to support my plastic-free mission.)

The shoes were sent in a plain cardboard box without any additional packaging.

Feelgoodz flip flops

Feelgoodz flip flops

The flip flops come in all different colors, but I chose black for the sake of versatility. I’m not a big shoe collector, like many women are.

Feelgoodz flip flops

About Feelgoodz Flip Flops:

1) Made from 100% natural rubber. (If you are allergic to latex, you will not be able to wear these shoes.)
2) Biodegradable. According to the company, once they wear out, you could bury them in a hole in your backyard, and they would eventually biodegrade, unlike plastic foam flip flops.
3) Made in Thailand.
4) Naturally dyed.
5) Awesome.

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4 years ago

I went to their site and couldn’t find any information at all on their dyes – are you sure they’re naturally dyed? And by that do you mean naturally dyed with plants or minerals or just low-impact petroleum based dyes?

12 years ago

Also might be too late, but like the blog and the sandals! My feet fit well into lots of fun shoes.

Elizabeth Patten
12 years ago

It could be to late to win a pair of nice flip flops, but i remember the day my best friend rusty sayed to me as he was looking at my feet and said do you know you have pretty feet, I never really thought about it i told him. So from that day on i really kinda liked my feet. Thanks

12 years ago

I love my feet because they take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Seriously. You would not believe what a beating they’ve taken lately, and I can still walk (run, even!).

12 years ago

Did you do the giveaway yet, Beth? Just in case you haven’t, I’ll tell you what I like about my feet. I have a really high arch so when my feet are wet, I have a lovely foot print. :)

Calen R
12 years ago

I like my feet because they allow me to enjoy my hobbies — running, hiking, photography, and walking at the beach! Most of the time, they get me where I need to go without any aches or pains and I’m able to enjoy some of the simpler things in life — the feel of sand between my toes, the cool grass, and my nice clean carpet. :)

Stefani S
12 years ago

I like my feet because they are soft and smooth. The toes are not weird looking except maybe the big toes which are a little too wide for my taste. They are pale and clean and don’t build up much odor. They always get me where I need to go and never are in much pain. I love them!

Juhli Newkirk
12 years ago

I like that my toes are really long! Every time I look at my feet I thing of evolution and it makes me smile.

Lee Sullivan
12 years ago

I used to hate my ginormous feet when I was a size 9 in 4th grade but then someone pointed out that it was simply a strong foundation for my growing body. It seemed ok after that. I have grown into my feet and actually love to show them off, which I can do year round here in Florida. I recently purchased a pair of Feelgoodz and honestly believe they are the most comfortable flipflops in the history of flipflops.

12 years ago

What do I like about my feet? Having all of my toenails! I’ve met a few people who have lost the toenails on the pinky toes and that has always creeped me out.

12 years ago

I like my feet because they are so unsightly! My toes are bony, my second toe is longer then my big toe, my pinky toes are genetically blessed and curl in. I have a tan line from some shoes – everything on my foot is tan BUT my toes! It’s kinda scary! But I don’t care, because they are the only feet I’ve got, and they work pretty dang well. :)

12 years ago

I like my feet because even after all the abuse I subject them to (go barefoot a lot) they keep me moving forward :)

12 years ago

I actually love my feet. Even the one that I sadly broke on Thursday. I’ve even grown to love my little pinky toes that curl towards the other toes as if they were trying to hide.

I like shoes but I am picky, and mostly prefer to go barefoot or in sandals so that I can show off my lovely feet.

Thanks for the chance!

12 years ago

My feet are tough! They just climbed Mt. St. Helens. Plus, they survived years of ice skating.

12 years ago

I like that my feet are narrow! I can’t always pick the shoes I want because of that but I like the look of narrow feet! Even if they look longer because of that ;o)

I’m like you, I have very few pair of shoes! And I don’t have any flip-flop!

I’m sure these flip-flop would fit my feet, thank you for the giveaway!

connie curtis
12 years ago

I love my feet. My feet are what take down the roads that I choose in life. I have created an amazing life with an amazing man. He is the love of my life. My passion is the environment. The forests the ocean all of it but the ocean is my favorite. I try to find out all the ways to make a difference & not such a big foot print on the earth. I am always on a lookout for products that are truly earth friendly & that from begining to end will end up back as part of the earth.


12 years ago

I love the fact that even though I broke my ankle some years back–my feet still take me where they want to go!

soccer mama
12 years ago

Love my feet. Not to big. Not to small. The toes go from big to small. I have v. flat feet though and they don’t make that cute high arch footprint on the wet sand but hey I don’t have any funky toes. Oh- and they didn’t grow a size in either of my pregnancies!

shirley girl
12 years ago

I love my feet because no matter what I’ve been through in life, my feet have always been there too, taking me places, walking the distance, and even a reminder to slow down when they ache at night, my feet have always been made fun of because of the size 9/10 but my feet have taken me further than those who have made fun of them!

Melissa @ HerGreenLife
12 years ago

I’m afraid that simply wearing flip flops for extended periods of time would make most podiatrists cringe. My husband convinced me to [almost entirely] give up my flip flops wearing ways a couple of years ago, and I don’t miss them.

Not entering the contest, but what do I love about my feet? I love that I can spread my toes wide and move them like toes are meant to move before they spend too much time crammed in shoes with un-foot-shaped toe boxes.

12 years ago

What I like about my feet…the fact they’ve gotten me this far.

12 years ago

I have been dealing with poor circulation after a verrry bad sunburn which damaged my vessels, but my feet are getting better. Since this happened, I appreciate my feet more than ever. I especially love them when they take me walking on the nature trail at a local park!

12 years ago

Too bad my feet are too big size 11/12!

12 years ago

I like the way my feet are smaller versions of my beloved father’s. Strong, flexible and with good proportions. I let them pick up things and walk barefoot whenever it’s possible. And I treat my feet well. When they are happy, warm and in good condition, so is the rest of my body.

Sarah "Angry Butterfly" Schumm
12 years ago

I don’ love my feet as much as all of you- I have a really big ugly mole on my left big toe and my toes are all gnarled and I have a sore that won’t heal on my left little toe.

But they are very long and narrow with high arches and would have been great for ballet if I had started young enough. Having long, narrow feet with high arches makes wearing heels a breeze even though I hardly ever get to wear them, so I do love that I can be perfectly comfortable walking around in pretty shoes that would torture most women.

I used to never wear flip flops before I started surfing, but now I live in them, so I wanted to enter the contest.

Beth- have you ever tried Simple? They have a great selection of eco-friendly shoes and I love them, they are made in China is the only thing, but they are comfortable, inexpensive and last forever. They used to have plastic free flip flops, they got discontinued but I think they still have some other plastic free options. Not sure if they will work as well for you because as I said I have narrow feet, but you might want to look.

green girl in wisconsin
12 years ago

The bottoms are calloused enough to make walking outside barefoot a breeze. They’re tough enough to slide across the mat at the dojo when I’m training. They take a pounding when I run, they provide a sturdy foundation on which to balance, they rarely ache and are still sensitive enough to appreciate the cold softness of bedsheets at night.

12 years ago

I wonder just how eco-friendly these straw sandals from Vera Bradley are? They’re also on sale at Amazon.

Then there’s the grass sandals from Indonesia:

Than, I’m thinking you could try making your own Zoori! These are worn by traditional Japanese more than 200 years ago. However, recently they have gained back the popularity in Japan, but this time round, the sandals are all made with variety of fabrics such as using old T-shirts, bed sheets, mops and other recycled materials. They are not only environmentally friendly. They are comfortable to wear indoor, because of the ups and downs weaving patterns, they promote health as the patterns act as massaging points for the sole.

12 years ago

My feet are strong and hold me steady during my 7 hours of work (on my feet the entire time) and then thru my chores with chicken, canning and food. LOVE my feet. Wish I had a wonderful pair of Feelgoodz plastic-free flip-flops to reward them with at the end of a long day.

Michelle Cassar
12 years ago

My feet are slim & slender & I have a small tattoo on one toe. My toes are long so I can peel a banana with them (honestly!) They don’t like high heels & tell me so, but that’s ok, I don’t like them much either.

I to have not had new sandals in two years, for the same reasons as you.


12 years ago

The rest of my body may gain weight, but I like my feet because my shoe size never changes!

12 years ago

I don’t think too much about my feet I have to say. I rather like my toenails, they are nice and white and not fugly like so many I have seen.

I would love a new pair of flip-flops!

12 years ago

I like my feet because they get me around. I can walk, freely, anywhere I choose because I have two working feet. No cuts, bruises, blisters, aches nor pains. good feet for getting things done.

12 years ago

I meant flip-flops, not sneakers…too early in the a.m. for the synapses.

12 years ago

I wonder if Ethletic sneakers would fit? ). They come in womens/mens sizing, so maybe they’re wider.

12 years ago

@ Stacey

I also have a teeny tiny mole on my left foot ;) (And I LOVE that darn little mole!)

12 years ago

I wish crocs woud use recycled plastic!

12 years ago

I like that my feet are well-proportioned and slender. I am always looking for flip-flops that are more environmentally responsible, as well as made in reasonable conditions for the workers, so I think this is a great giveaway. Cheap sandals that aren’t designed to last and that people toss into the trash without a second thought (because they are so cheap) flood the market.

12 years ago

I like that my toes. They are very even along the top. Maybe it’s weird, but I find that reasonably attractive.

Also, right now I like that I have size 8 feet, which means these flip-flops will totally work for me. :)

12 years ago

what i like about my feet:

1) they get me where i want to go and have walked all over the world
2) they know they’re pretty but don’t generally care – shoes want to show themselves off on them, but only if i can keep them on long enough for the opportunity
3) when it’s time to put ’em up and relax, they let me know without beating around the bush
4) they are incredibly sensitive – some of my fondest memories involve my feet – in sand, in mud, in water, in hands…

Tara Ingram Hudson
12 years ago

Hiya, I’m Rupert the dog and I love my human’s feet!

With her feet she takes me for walks around the neighborhood and park where I get to catch up on the daily scent news.

With her feet she goes to the freezer to get a marrow bone for me to gnaw on (oh my they are good!).

With her feet she goes in the big rolling machine to buy my food.

And best of all! With her feet she plays with me and my favorite ball in the backyard. She feigns to kick the ball and tries to fake me out so I’ll head right when she’s really going to kick it left, but I’m a great soccer player don’t-you-know so she has to be sneaky to get it by me!

My human would love the shoes and I promise I won’t chew on them.

erin m.
12 years ago

i love the symmetrical freckles on my toes; i think this makes my feet sexy.

Tavi Greiner
12 years ago

These feet are made for walking … and that’s exactly what I love about them!

(my dog chewed my summer-long flip flops to shreds this weekend – seriously – so, I REALLY need a new pair! What better than a free pair of natural rubber FeelGoodz)

Anna@Green Talk
12 years ago

Beth, the sandals tend to run small in length. I gave them away on my site and was given a pair to try. I loved them but found that I need a size 7.5 when I am more like a 7. I am not sure if they changed this.

12 years ago

I like how my feet take me wherever I need to go!

12 years ago

I like the prints my feet leave in damp sand…

Thanks for the opportunity, Beth!

12 years ago

On my left foot I have a teeny tiny mole :)

12 years ago

I love my feet because they help me climb trees! Nothing feels as nice or makes me feel as strong as the cracked bark of a tree under my feet, my toes gripping the sides of the branch firmly.

12 years ago

I love flip flops and I love how my feet look in them. Especially when my toes are freshly painted. And I especially love that these aren’t plastic and will biodegrade. Yes, I’m another one that actually like my feet and like showing them off! ;)

12 years ago

I love my feet even though they’re sick – I was just diagnosed with Morton’s Neuromas in both feet two weeks ago (OUCH). For the past year, I have transitioned away from the high heels that probably caused this problem and on to things like Crocs and flip flops and sexy orthopedic insoles. Rrowr. But I do love that since I stopped wearing [admittedly beautiful] foot torture devices, my toes have straightened out a lot. They also remind me of tiny monkey fingers. And they keep me from toppling over since they’re so important for balance. I bet FeelGoodz would be a great option for wearing after those painful alcohol injections the podiatrist has subjected me to. Also, as part of a year spent in Ireland, I have a shamrock tattooed to my right foot. It looks sort of silly, but I will never forget that time in my life.

12 years ago

My feet are just the right size for my body. I like the soles because they are worn in, and the tops because thats where my Slaughter House Five tattoo is, and it says “Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.”