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November 17, 2010

Plastic State of Mind Parody Video is extra fun today

Plastic State of Mind videoYesterday, L.A. County voted to ban single-use plastic bags. And this morning, Green Sangha — an organization I’ve been part of since 2007 — released an awesome new video by filmmaker Ben Zolno of New Message Media. Watch, enjoy, and please pass it on to your friends. The message is serious.  The medium is total, addictive fun.

For those who can’t hear or who can’t understand the lyrics, the whole thing is conveniently titled, and the lyrics are also printed out on the Youtube page.

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Banning plastic bags is pretty futile…….suits politicians, but achieves little.

Would be better to improve local organic recycling FIRST.

And yes, where i live in Australia is about to do the same. at least we get to have a new container deposit scheme – THAT is useful!!

Sofia's Ideas

Hey Beth,
just wanted to let you know that I posted this on Sofia’s Ideas with a link back to you!


I love it! Problem is I can’t stop singing it!


I love this video, and I reposted it, but I hate that this song has been stuck in my head for days, sort of a conglomeration of the original and the parody.

melissa sims

That was awesome, my kids and I just watched it and we all loved it. They (and I) are very into recycling and reducing and reusing but I think when artists put messages into fun and hip ways that it does help to drive the message home and reinforce it even if it’s lightly done…every little bit helps is what I always tell them. Melissa


Love the video. And I’m glad to hear about LA County. I hope that many (dare I say all?) other jurisdictions follow suit.


That was awesome! I made a friend of mine cry with one of the other videos you’ve posted. The one with Queen as the background music. Keep up the good work, Beth!


LOVE that!! thanks for sharing!


Fun — but not exactly filled with hard facts. So, you have a nice “too much consumption” message being sent using a fun medium, but the issues get clouded because everything is glossed over to be entertaining. .

Sofia's Ideas

Hysterical! I can always count on you!

Lisa @Retro Housewife Goes Green

I love the video!


Pretty god vid. States my thoughts exactly.


hehe- just headed on over here from Down Under to send you this link!!! Filmed in Good Earth Fairfax (my brother in laws store) and forwarded by my SIL as I have a reusable recycled organic cotton bag business here in Oz


this is an awesome video. love it!

Anna@Green Talk

I love this video. Maybe the lyrics will be sung just as much as the real song! Putting it on my site.