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March 14, 2014

Truly Plastic-Free Chewing Gum in Plastic-Free Packaging!

wpid-20140314_113247.jpgAlmost all chewing gum is made with plastic, plastic which hides in a secret ingredient called “gum base.”  The few gums that don’t contain plastic as an ingredient come in plastic packaging. Finally, there’s a U.S. company — Simply Gum — offering a completely natural, GMO-free chewing gum made with organic ingredients and without any plastic gum base or plastic packaging.

Simply Gum is made from only 6 ingredients: organic raw cane sugar, all natural chicle (rubber from a tree), cinnamon, organic vegetable glycerin, organic sunflower lecithin, and organic rice flour.

November 2014 Update:  Simply Gum now comes in more flavors besides cinnamon!  Try mint, fennel licorice, maple, ginger, or coffee flavors.



The gum comes in a cardboard box, which includes some thin sheets of paper for wrapping and disposing of the gum responsibly when you’re finished chewing it.



I’m not much of a gum chewer myself, but I know people who are.  (I’m married to one.)  So this will be exciting news for those of you who stopped chewing gum when you found out about the plastic in it.

Win a 6-pack of Simply Gum

04/17/14 Update: The drawing is over and Megan is the winner. Congratulations!

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Apparently Glee is transitioning their gum base to all natural ingredients packaged only in cardboard! And you can get sugar free versions sweetened only with Xylitol. Cool!


I have to agree with the pre jobs poster as a marketing professional in the US. The gum industry is no longer aimed at children but in the demographics Young singles and working professionals looking for fresh breath and teeth whitening both oral health indicators. The flavor peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon et all are the same as mouthwash and toothpaste. Many people are oblivious to the marketing and targets. The days of hubba bubba and bubble licisious are gone.


I tried to message you on FB about this new gum, which is plastic-free and vegan. It is also sugar-free. Yay! Here’s the link:


Gum that contains raw cane sugar and looks like a rock. What a bad idea! What’s the point?


Who cares what it looks like. It’s not a show window display piece. It’s gum.
And just because it looks like a rock is of no consequence. It’s not hard as a rock, and it doesn’t taste like a rock once you put it in your mouth.
Plus, taking in a bit of raw cane sugar instead of refined sugar, or plastic, or high fructose corn syrup sounds almost perfect to me!
Your silly comment makes no sense.


No you miss my point entirely. Most people chew gum for oral health these days. Using raw cane sugar makes this gum useless for that purpose. I obviously wasn’t advocating the use of any sugar, let alone refined sugars! Nor artificial sweeteners. What I had in mind was for example xylitol derived from birch tree sap. Excellent for oral health. Until recently Peppersmith in the UK made an all natural gum – chicle gum base and xylitol sweetened. Unfortunately they now use an artificial gum base. My post is neither silly and makes perfect sense if you think about why… Read more »


I am a 67-year-old great-grandmother, and in my whole life, I have never heard anybody, young or old, say that they chew gum for their oral health. And if I’ve asked someone if they’d like a piece of gum, nobody has ever said to me, Wait, I’m chewing this for my oral health, is their sugar in it? They will ask if there’s sugar in it because they are watching their carbs, but never for oral health. I chew it because it’s nice to chew. I don’t know why, and I don’t think most people know why they do it… Read more »


Maybe you being 67 is the problem and that experience, unfortunately, counts against you? The classic appeal-to-ignorance argument sounds pretty dumb in 2015 if you were born in 1940s and are claiming to have never heard of something that people obviously practice. Why else is there more and more Xylitol-based gum in place of flavorful chewing gum in supermarkets today? If you offer conventional gum to someone who cares about their oral hygiene enough, they will most likely, politely say, “no thanks.” They won’t say, “Wait, I’m chewing this for my oral health, is their sugar in it?” Way to… Read more »


oh yay ! my daughter loves gum but we never buy it for her. the treat i miss is trying out an ice cream flavor at the ice cream store — plastic spoon! once, when in santa cruz, the lady asked me if i wanted to try something and i instinctually said no thanks — until i noticed they actually had real spoons for testers! score! wish everyone did that, and i wish the local folk here in chico didn’t call me crazy when i bring in my own container for my scoop since i’m not a fan of cones… Read more »


My last cigarette was January 5, 2014. I searched for a gum without high fructose corn syrup. Hoping the gum would help me not smoke.
I found one. But nothing was organic. The knowledge I can buy an organic chewing gum it the best news I have heard in a very long time. I am excited to make an order and see how it taste.


eascello You can make your own: add molasses to white sugar.


Daxle See if a Mexican restaurant that makes their own will sell you some.


crunchylass at gmail dot com My hubby chews gum constantly! This would be nifty.
The best solution I’ve found for treats packed in plastic is to make my own! They’re usually a bit better for you, too.

MacKenzie H

running_fox_li (at) yahoo (dot) com
Frankly, the treat is gum. Mom always had a pack, so I got into the habit of chewing it early. I haven`t bought as much in the past few years, and hardly any at all in the past few months (the last pack was Glee Gum). So, instead, I`ve been buying mints, since mint-flavored gum was my go-to.


i would love to win this – for my kids. i can’t chew gum but my kiddos love it and i really cringe everytime they buy a pack – not just cuz there’s the plastic but all the terrible synthetic sweeteners, too!


cdj383 at gmail dot com. Geesh, I haven’t had gum in years. Which is sad, because I found gum made it easier to concentrate during study sessions (and less likely to snack too). Probably my number one gripe is all the plastic stickers on my produce. I bring my shopping bags, my reusable produce bags, my jars, etc. I avoid plastic when I can only to find my organic produce covered in plastic stickers. It drives me crazy! I also find it really hard to buy cereal sans plastic. Nothing beats the speed of a quick bowl of cereal in… Read more »


dream4eva77 at hotmail dot com As a teacher I find that most of my students are addicted to gum. I tell them to spit it out in class, pick up the gum they spit out in the hallway (Yes I made a students do that. They were disgusted as they picked it up, and i told them it came out of their mouth.) and even finding it under the desk. One girl sat at a desk and got freshly placed gum on her nice dress! I doubt the middle schoolers will stop chewing- got to have that fresh breath- just… Read more »

Plastic-Free Tuesday

Hope it comes to Europe!


Mairki at gmail dot com Plastic free gum makes so much sense, and I love cinnamon!– It’s hard to believe that our society is so arrogant/trusting to make/chew plastic in gum! (Not to mention artificial sweeteners, but that’s another can of worms.) Here is my plastic dilemma: I love shopping at Costco because I can get quality goods at a fair price, they supply organic when possible, I support their business model as it relates to fair, living wages, and everyone who works there seems genuinely happy to be there– but the plastic waste! You would think that bulk stores… Read more »

Marina Garland

What a wonderful creation! I have been trying to wean my husband off plastic gum, and this might be just the trick! mgarland at coa dot edu
In a very plastic-reduced household, one of the things that we just can’t find that doesn’t come in plastic are…dehydrated backpacking meals. Imagine if a company made meals that were packaged in materials that you could use to start your campfire? We do extremely well in the household, but even with making our own granola bars, etc., plastic waste is, ironically, harder to avoid in the backcountry.


Thank you for mentioning Garbology. Never heard of it before, will get a copy and read!


While we can bring reusable containers to the grocery store, I hate that the bulk bins are still made of plastic. : emily -at- fishbulb -dot- us


NoemiDLP at yahoo dot com would be thrilled to have a sample of the gum.
Also just want to say thank you for the support and ideas in your book. As I declutter my house, I am sending stuff off to recyclers that you mention in the book. Also thanks for the great footnotes, which sometimes I quote as I work on the NJ plastic and paper bag fee support system within the masses. I also recommend Plastic Ocean – whoa. Sobering. Garbology by Edward Humes is also fascinating.
Thank you!


So excited to see a gum I can give to my energetic son (it seems to allow him to focus a bit more) that has no plastic!
rita dot desnoyers at gmail dot com

Use stainless steel water bottles, carry my own spoon, decline straws, and bring my own bags to stores.
My biggest desire would be to have less packaging in general and have it biodegradable. I love Trader Joes, but not their packaging!

Sarah Finn

Awesome, Danielle! I hope they do :)

Danielle Richardet

I just requested Tidal Creek Co-op to carry this! Thanks Beth!! :D


Looks like fun! I too have stopped chewing gum because of its gross additives.
Julumarie at gmail dot com
I wish we weren’t so reliant on plastic on a whole! I’ve stopped purchasing plastic water bottles but glass bottles still have a plastic cap top!
Thx for the post!


I was an avid gum chewer as a kid. I stopped chewing gum when they added all those horrible artificial sweeteners and dyes in there. And now plastic free natural chewing in my all time favorite flavor is too good to be true. When I read the ingredient list it was even more exciting because it is safe for my child with severe food allergies. All safe ingredients for her. Wish I could find more natural caramels not wrapped in plastic! Only found some at our farmer’s market locally but they were exorbitant so I think I need to make… Read more »

Maureen Jones

I don’t chew gum but as a kid in the 1960s I did. It never was wrapped in any kind of plastic, just paper and a bit of foil. Don’t know why any plastic wrap is necessary!


We’d love to win the 6-pack of gum. My daughter hasn’t had gum in over a year; a feat for a 12 year old! We’ve been buying treats from the bulk bin such as chocolate covered almonds, yogurt pretzels, rice crackers. We are making it a point to bake something together once a week (like soft ginger cookies or banana bread) for snacks instead of buying in plastic. Our email is


Thanks! My 12 year old daughter has not had gum in over a year after she read about what the ingredients actually were. I’m so proud of her! She’ll be ecstatic to try this gum.


Daxle My family loves my homemade tortillas so we no longer buy them in plastic. Here is the recipe: 4 c unbleached flour* 1 1/2 tsp baking powder* 1 1/2 tsp salt* 1/2 c organic butter, cut into 1″ chunks 1 to 1 1/2 c warm water To make vegan low-fat tortillas: Instead of butter, take 1/2 c of the flour and blend it with 1/2 cup of vegetable/olive oil and freeze for 2 hours. Then use in place of the butter. 1. Mix the flour, baking soda and salt in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the… Read more »

Karla Korkodilos

Hope it comes to Canada!

Constance Moerman

nooooo, not Glee…dang


Yay! I’ve really missed gum since I’ve started avoiding plastic. I’m excited to try this, even if I don’t win.
I felt you when you talked about the issue of tortillas coming wrapped in plastic, because that’s been the hardest for me for a long time. I stopped eating them for about a year, and tried to make my own, but honestly, they all sucked. Now I buy them sometimes, but I always feel a little guilty. I would love to find plastic-free tortillas.

My Plastic-free Life

Jean Merritt We don’t need to do a lot of the things we do. :-) The reason I don’t chew gum is that I just don’t enjoy it. But plenty of people do, and better to chew one without plastic, right?

My Plastic-free Life

Jeanne Bruner If you leave a comment on the blog, you could win a 6-pack.

Kirstie Pendergrass

Dang it, just wish it was sugar free.

Jeanne Bruner

I stopped smoking using gum 34 years ago. Then gave up gum because it’s plastic. I really miss the chewing gum. This is great news!

Diane Williamson

Thanks for letting me know! …Ew!

Diane Williamson

What about Glee gum?

Eco-friendly baby/family products MADE in the USA

Totally delicious!! I’ve been selling this through my buying club for several months- it’s awesome! My food co-op is now selling it too, thanks to me! 6 ingredients!!

Mark Gailmor

ahh yes, i see it is. yay for gum chewers. I’m not one of them.

Jean Merritt

We don’t need to chew gum.

Mark Gailmor

but is it vegan?


Thanks for sharing! This reminds me of Chicza organic chewing gum
that I bought years ago ( However, when I
searched for it online, it seems to come in foil wrap… Too bad! But
thankfully Simply Gum provides a good alternative. I don’t chew gum
myself, but will recommend them to others that do.


unfrostedcereal at gmail dot com
It’s difficult to find plastic free ice cream at any grocery store.


eascello at gmail dot com

This is great! I don’t chew gum that often, but it’s nice to know there is now an option!
I have yet to find brown sugar packaged plastic free.


Very cool! Thanks for the neat give away. I stopped chewing gum when I first started my green journey, but then gradually went back to it…. so a clean alternative would be awesome. I’ve struggled with plastic free fruit leather! It is my easy go-to snack that I just always keep in my bag. I tried making my own a couple times – my results were more on the leather side. This summer I will try again!

sarahshepherd963 at


Megan.ennes at gmail dot com. I hate that not only is gum made with plastic but all the extra plastic packaging is crazy too. This is a great alternative. Thank you!


Me too, I can’t remember how long it’s been since I chewed a piece of gum. I make tons of treats and foods just to keep from having to bring plastic into our house.


Thanks for all your great research, Beth!

My journey with Plastic

I want some. I dropped gum like a hot rock when I found out it was basically made of plastic–and figured that was why I sometimes got stomach aches. Plus all the packaging I was tossing made me depressed and angry with myself. So, contact me at quercusalanus@hotmail dot com. What else can I not find not wrapped on plastic: q-tips, emery boards. I know, I know these are not treats, but I haven’t bought any since I discovered you (over two years ago). It would be a treat to have some!