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August 16, 2007

Seventh Generation & Solving my toilet paper problem

09/28/2017 Update:  This is an old post.  I have since switched to a different brand of toilet paper.

Eureka! One more plastic problem solved! I’ve been leaning towards Seventh Generation individually wrapped 2-ply rolls of toilet paper because they are not only plastic-free, but they also contain the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled content I’ve been able to find. The drawback was that this toilet paper, sold by the individual roll, is more expensive per roll than the Quilted Northern that we’d been flushing away for years.

I had considered Marcal individually wrapped, 100% recycled toilet paper.  But then I visited Marcal’s website and saw the ad for their “innovative polycase,” which translates as “plastic wrap!” Ugh. If I bought this toilet paper in a store as separate rolls, I’d never know it had been packaged in plastic before being delivered to the store. But… Read the rest