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June 10, 2011

Airtight Glass Food Storage Containers from Life Without Plastic

Life Without Plastic sent me a few of their new airtight glass containers with stainless lids to review a few months ago, and the containers have been sitting in the pile beside my desk along with other cool plastic-free products that companies have sent me to test. So today, I finally unpacked them from their plastic-free mailing box (Jay doesn’t use plastic packaging materials or plastic tape) and gave them a try. My verdict: they are very, very cool.

(Disclosure:  If you purchase products via links in this post, My Plastic-Free Life earns a small percentage to support my plastic-free mission.)

airtight glass food storage container

Now, before I get into my review, I have to say that you don’t have to buy new glass containers to store food without plastic. Repurposed jars from foods like spaghetti sauce or pickles or peanut butter work well. And you can sometimes find secondhand glass containers at thrift stores, yard sales, etc. We do all of that. Our refrigerator is glass jar heaven. But glass jars are not always the right size; they waste refrigerator space since they are not stackable; and sometimes, as much as we try to reduce our impact by buying less new stuff, it’s just nice to spring for well-made, durable, useful, and frankly beautiful things.

Here’s what I love…

The lids. Unlike other glass containers with plastic lids that inevitably crack over time…

cracked plastic container lid

these containers have unbreakable stainless steel lids. Inside the stainless steel is a ring of silicone, which creates the airtight seal, and a silicone button in the middle which adjusts the pressure, allowing the lid to seal and unseal easily. Silicone, while still a polymer, is more resilient than plastic.

airtight glass food storage container

airtight glass food storage container

I love that the container fits well in my freezer. As you may recall, we use Anchor glass refrigerator containers for our homemade cat food because they are the right size, stack well, and both container and lid are made from only glass with no other materials. But those containers are not airtight and not appropriate for storing foods long-term.

I also use Life Without Plastic’s airtight stainless steel containers in the freezer, but it will be nice to be able to identify the contents through the glass. I’m thinking they will work well for storing my garden veggies if and when that time comes.

Note about freezing: Yes, you can freeze glass containers.  BUT allow the contents to thaw gently.  I wouldn’t put them directly from the freezer into the microwave.  And leave some room at the top for expansion.

airtight glass food storage container

Airtight glass containers are also useful for transporting lunch to work since the container can go directly in the microwave, sans metal lid, of course. And oh! Ice cream! I’m going to take one of these with me the next time I pick up ice cream at Tara’s!

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Carol Nance
4 years ago

HI! Are these containers even made anymore! I LOVE THEM!

5 years ago

Hi there! It doesn’t look like these are available anymore… do you know where I could find them?! I love them! Thanks!

8 years ago

Silicon and glassware is really the best combination for keeping things. No weird residue on your containers and so easy to wash and store!

Marcio W
8 years ago

I personally prefer glass jars and containers to plastic simply because they
are more durable and are microwavable. Hence, you do not need to transfer
your food items into a separate plate or box before heating them up. However,
the one factor that I dislike about glass containers is the fact that they
are fragile. Thus, when you are moving out to a new place or to your new
office, you need to be extra careful to prevent any unwanted breaking of your
glass products. Other than that, I think they are perfect to store anything
and everything.

Mike Landini
8 years ago

Over time, the silicone seal will give out. I give it a year or two.

9 years ago

Do you know of any plastic-free (maybe amber glass?) travel containers (under 100ml) for shampoos, etc.?

9 years ago

@Sarah sunshine. Leave it in the sun for day.

10 years ago

l was more concerned about the extended freezer life. I think you can get a year out of almost anything, and what does freezer burn look like?

Ms. Adventuress
11 years ago

Mason jars (Ball/Kerr) now sell many of their jars as “freezer safe” in grocery stores. Very affordable. I love the 16oz wide-mouthed size for just about everything (drinking glass, refrigerator storage, etc.) I’ve not done my research on the lid seal, which I’m sure contains something I’d not be happy about…but I wonder if it’s so minimal that it’s still better than others?

Karen Hebl
11 years ago

Good covers for use in the microwave are unbleached round basket type coffee filters. They allow steam to escape but keep food from spattering (too much, sometimes food still spatters but is usually kept to the glass plate of the microwave).

If you save your black, green or white tea bags to use when you plant plants (under the plant, near the roots) you will not have to water as often. Also if your plants are acid loving then the tea bags help to lower the pH, great for those people who live with alkaline or hard water.

Put a drop of food coloring into your rain guage to make it easier to read.

I could just go on forever. This is so much fun. Thanks for the blogs and chance to win such a great prize. I have been saving glass containers (I don’t buy many cans anymore, alas except coca cola which I am quitting due to many cavaties) to use in storing food stuffs for quite some time. Gee, I am 61 and have never had so many cavaties just from coca cola. Go figure.

11 years ago

Not sure if the contest is over but here goes: did you know the length ratio of your ring & index fingers show how much testosterone you were exposed to as a fetus? I won’t get into the details here, but a BBC series I saw on the subject was quite interesting.

Cindel :*)
11 years ago

It is possible to grow kidney and lima beans in the garden, but dangerous to eat them freshly picked from the plant.
Kidney beans contain a poison called lectin. Fully cooking kidney beans is what destroys the poison. However, undercooking the kidney beans actually doubles the amount of lectin poison (pre-cook before adding to crockpot).
Lima beans contain cyanide and it is important to boil them first while venting off the steam (otherwise the cyanide gas is left to roam your home).
These beans already found in cans at the store have already dealt with these issues :*)

I know this (after the fact) by learning the hard way: I unknowingly poisoned myself one summer. There was no waning on the back of the seed packets to not eat these fresh. The good news is that once I stopped eating the fresh beans I recovered fully.

11 years ago

I could use another glass storage container…especially one that seals! Anyway, a tidbit of information that most people may not know:

Deaf people do NOT consider themselves disabled. We consider ourselves a linguistic minority (in the case of the U.S., American Sign Language is our language). =D

11 years ago

OK, I just returned from Alaska, where I did not find any plastic on the beaches —even though I expected rubber duckies after reading the book Moby Duck about the container of plastic bath toys from China that spilled into the Bering Sea en route to the states. My little-known-fact is that “Moose Chew” is the name for stripped areas of bark on trees, showing where moose have dined during the winter months.

11 years ago

Did you know that most people open bananas incorrectly? Don’t pull from the stem; squeeze the peel at the other end, and voila! A very easily opened banana. :)

Amanda R.
11 years ago

Walmart vision centers will refill eyeglass cleaning solution bottles for free.

11 years ago

Did you know snakes have two penises? No, I don’t know why! But I want to have a chance at getting the container.

Lola T.
11 years ago

I remember using plastic containers whenever I ate lunch at school before. But I only use the containers now because it is more convenient. The glass container is nice because the lid could not easily crack. But I am not comfortable with glass containers because I was thinking I am more prone of breaking it. Thanks for the wonderful review.

11 years ago

To add to that, Maddie- most fruits and vegetables are, botanically speaking, the fruits of the plants. Anything with seeds is a fruit. Basically our produce falls into four categories: fruits (cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, apples, mangoes, berries, corn, etc.-again with the seeds), leaves (lettuces, herbs), flowers (cauliflower and broccoli), and roots (sweet and regular potatoes, carrots, ginger, etc.).

I love this random-knowledge fest!

11 years ago

A lot of people may already know this… tomatoes are fruit not vegetables.

11 years ago

Random Fact: The name for Oz was thought up when the creator, Frank Baum, looked at his filing cabinet and saw A-N, and O-Z, hence “Oz.”

Heidi Molnick
11 years ago

Hi, on a new path to glass free as well! People may not know I shaved my head when I was 22. :)
Thanks for the give away!

11 years ago

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was originally entitled Headcheese, but was changed at the last minute.

11 years ago

The average cocoon contains about 300-400 metres of silk.

Doesn’t that sound delightful?

Um…these containers look AMAZING. AMAZING!

Alyssa Lee
11 years ago

Last summer I freecycled a good bit of the family’s tupperware away and am now ready to take the next step to invest in some high quality, non-toxic reusables! One of my favorite random facts that might actually be more well-known than I think it is (but I didn’t know it before so that’s all that matters) is what actually causes the headache of a hangover (not that I’ve ever experienced it!).

Alcohol causes the hormone vasopressin to be inhibited so water isn’t absorbed by the body and is instead excreted quite readily, which is why people often find themselves urinating quite a bit after a night of drinking. The body’s muscles needs this water and so they take the water from the brain, resulting in a tightening of the membranes and an unfortunate painful feeling. So remember, keep hydrated! :D

11 years ago

I’m sorry to say, Tami, that that’s not entirely true. I lived in Indiana for the past year and we certainly used daylight savings time.
Indiana is funny about time, though. There are only two parts of the state on that use central time (one near Chicago, IL and one in the Southwestern corner of the state). Everyone else is on eastern time.

Tami Lewis
11 years ago

indiana doesn’t use daylight savings time.

11 years ago

“Natalie, what about green or brown wine bottle glass? Or the blue or amber glass that essential oils come in?”

I don’t know. It is mostly plates, glasses, jars, oven dishes, the brown and green kind, which are not sold anymore, at least here is California, without a legal warning sign about lead.
Yikes! I hope it is not also in the wine bottles and oil and supplements/vitamins bottles. Although I have seen a warning sign at a grocery store recently that there was lead in their imported balsamic vinegar bottles.

11 years ago

I don’t know if most people won’t know this, but it’s an interesting fact shared by my DS (6). “Did you know that Greenland is covered with ice and Iceland is very green?” :)

11 years ago

Cochineal is also used to color Snapple and other beverages.

11 years ago

fun fact: elephant poop is apparently chock full of nutritious things (due to the fact that they eat varied plant life and only process a small portion of it), so a remedy for a cold is to make a tea out of the ele poop!

Sarah "Angry Butterfly" Schumm
11 years ago

I love random facts!
here are two of my favorites:

Its actually a myth that Van Gough cut off his ear because he was crazy/ had been rejected by a lover or whatever. He had cauliflower ear and couldn’t afford to go to the barber to have it drained, (brutal times those post impressionists lived in) and got desperate and tried to drain it himself. When he couldn’t stop the bleeding, he like anyone who’s done something dumb like this, freaked out and ran into the street for help where there happened to be a prostitute who helped him. So there’s this big fat myth surrounding something that isn’t any more crazy than anything I’ve done to an ingrown toe nail.

Also. Pugs are the oldest known breed of dog.

11 years ago

Interesting fact? Hmmmm I once played the Mayor of Mars in my 5th grade school play. I look good in green! If I win please send with brownies in it. We could do it like an experiment- checking out to see how they travel in nice glass containers!

11 years ago

You had me seriously thinking about the pomegranate comment…I even thought about it in the grocery store as I passed the pmegranates!! I wonder if perhaps there are or were smaller varieties of this fruit that would be better suited for this type of use…

11 years ago

More random condom history: halved lemons and limes have been used in the middle ages in the east like the above mentioned pomegranate. The acid kills sperm. And sea sponges have long been used as a form of birth control by soaking them in vinegar or strong alcohol like brandy and inserting them. they can also be used like tampons, but are reusable.

11 years ago

Burlap is awesome!
mold and mildew inhibiting
long lasting
strong and light
reusable A LOT
and comes in all sizes!

I used it instead of garbage bags for moving.
After 4 months of storage in a leaking basement, I’ve found nothing moldy or even musty smelling that was bagged in burlap! Meanwhile, a wicker basket full of my kid’s school projects and a forlorn baby moccasin had mold so bad everything crumbled!


11 years ago

Washington DC resident don’t have voting rights – in elections or congress – yet they’re taxed. Residents want statehood so they have representation but have been denied.

11 years ago

Dodge City, KS is the windiest city, not Chicago.

11 years ago

know of any microwave-safe non-plastic cover solutions to prevent splatter?? using a ceramic plate to cover a plate doesn’t allow the steam to escape… perhaps someone knows of lids with holes for steam vents?

11 years ago

“data” is a plural word. Thus, “these data indicate that the above glass jars are awesome”.

Stephanie PH
11 years ago

Love your blog & I’d love to win!

Here’s my fact (maybe interesting) – You can pour leftover pickle juice under your gardenias to help them thrive, They like acidic soil.

Chantal Plamondon
11 years ago

Wow Beth! this is such a fun contest! Thanks for the awesome review and for the great idea of asking subscribers for a fun fact to enter the contest. I am really intrigued by fact number 70! We look forward to finding out who the lucky one is!

For those interested, if you *like* our Facebook page, you will find out about all the contests that you can participate in to win one of our products:

-Chantal at

11 years ago

Note: I don’t sell farro, nor do I have anything to do with the web site I linked. I just love to eat it!

11 years ago

If you’re looking for a different type of super-grain, try farro. It is the best-tasting grain I’ve ever eaten.

11 years ago

Anytime I am asked for a fact, my mind immediately goes to the Kids in the Hall and the “It’s a fact” girl. Then, I wonder if 30 Helens had to agree for it to be an actual fact. I love and miss that show.

My fact is KITH related: One of the stars – Dave Foley – also played a character named Dave on another great show: NewsRadio.

11 years ago

An interesting fact? UMMMMM…
It takes 3 gallons of water to make one plastic gallon bottle of water. But you probably already knew that :X

11 years ago

With all the natural disasters around the world, making sure your family is prepared is top priority. Adding freeze dried food storage makes being prepared easy!

11 years ago

Pennsylvania (my home state) was the first state of the fifty United States to list their web site URL on a license plate. Pennsylvania was also home to the first baseball Stadium, the first automobile service station, the first computer, the first daily newspaper, the first American piano and, of course, the first American flag.

11 years ago

These look great! And the comments are very fun and interesting too.

Here’s a fun fact: if gardening makes you happy, you might have a soil microbe to thank.

“The results so far suggest that simply inhaling M. vaccae you get a dose just by taking a walk in the wild or rooting around in the garden could help elicit a jolly state of mind. You can also ingest mycobacteria either through water sources or through eating plants lettuce that you pick from the garden, or carrots, Lowry says.”