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August 24, 2013

This Blog Is Going to Change. For the Better — I Hope.

change-ahead-signHave you noticed I don’t blog much anymore?  I’m averaging about two posts a month, and I’ve been feeling like I’m letting my readers down.   (For those of you subscribed to the Show Your Plastic Challenge posts or Community Discussion Group, it may seem like you receive a lot from me, but those posts are written by other people — other awesome, involved, engaged people.  You guys rock!)

So I’ve been doing some thinking (which is not in itself news, by the way.)  I’ve been pondering why I am blogging so little lately.  It’s true that I am incredibly busy these days — with activist work, giving talks, maintaining my accounting job, having a life.  I have a list of about 50 blog posts that I would love to write, and no time to actually sit down and write them.  Because blog posts generally take me at least 90 minutes of uninterrupted time, if not more, to put together.  (Some posts take all day.)  And finding large chunks of available time is hard when I’d rather actually be DOING things than writing about them.

But what if my posts didn’t always have to be long, and detailed, with beautifully edited images, and proofread a gazillion times?  What if I just upload quick images and thoughts that occur to me during the day, when I’m marveling at how awesome my bamboo toothbrush is, or trying a new plastic-free sunscreen, or experimenting with wax-coated cloth food wraps?  Earlier this week, I promised a long, involved post detailing all of my plastic-free Burning Man solutions, and as it gets closer to the time I leave for my trip, I realize that particular post is never going to happen.  But it could, if I chopped it into bite-sized pieces.

So this blog is going to change.  I’ll still write long, well-researched posts when I have the time.  But I’m going to start posting shorter snippets showing what plastic-free living looks like in real life — as soon as the inspiration hits me.  They won’t be perfect.  But they will be real.  I’ll probably start tomorrow morning.  But we’ll see.

If you are subscribed to Daily Posts, you’ll still only receive one email per day, which may contain multiple short posts.  So don’t worry about getting inundated with messages.  It’s not going to happen.

We’ll see how it goes.  I have soooo much information to share.  I hope this method will allow me to do that without feeling overwhelmed.  Thank you for all your support over the years!


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Beth Terry
10 years ago

Thanks, Cory. I used a generic one for this post, but in general, I like to take my own. But now that I can blog from my mobile phone, it’s a lot easier since the camera is also my phone so the pix are already there.

Beth Terry
10 years ago

Hi Jacquie. In fact, there is a discussion board on this very site, but I guess not everyone knows about it. Suggestions for how to make it more visible? (It’s the “discuss” menu item.)

Jeanne Bruner
10 years ago

Passion can sometimes be lost if one waits. Let us have it :)

10 years ago

Great idea, looking forward to see the new posts.

Random Cathy
10 years ago

Yay! That sounds awesome!

Eco novice
10 years ago

I support this new approach 100%! I also tend to write uber-long posts that involve way too much research and editing. And thus have 100 unwritten posts in my head. Maybe I can follow your example! I am trying to train myself to write short and sweet posts sometimes.l

Madeleine NZ Ecochick
10 years ago

Wonderful. I look forward to seeing them. I did the same thing on my blog. I often do short quick post with little tips on them. I feel so much better for getting something out there and it’s so liberating to think I don’t need deep heavy posts all the time. I cant wait to see all you have to say Mx

10 years ago

Good thinking

10 years ago

Yay! Bite-sized bits of information is better than nothing! And faster for the audience to digest, too.

Beach Chair Scientist
10 years ago

That’s perfect! I’d love to get bite-sized bits of info from you. At Beach Chair Scientist I do the same – short and sweet makes for great posts!

Kathryn Grace
10 years ago

Love that! Go for it

Debbie Kushner
10 years ago

Just as long as you keep blogging! Thanks for the advice on the Oxo bags, we did not buy them. We are still searching for a better solution!

Liberated Spaces
10 years ago

Beth, life happens in small snippets, so I think your new approach is an inspiration. We bloggers put a lot of pressure on ourselves. My new motto: do what you can when you can. Can it really be that simple? I think so!

10 years ago

I like this direction. All the Best!

Jacquie Ottman
10 years ago

Am totally supportive of shorter posts, too. We are dealing with the same issue on One thought to share: One thing you could do is install widgets on your blog/ website that allow your users to share content of their own. (Product reviews, discussion boards). Then the onus is not on you to keep adding fresh content, and you give a good reason for folks to still come to your site and get valuable content — from each other.
We are currently exploring this on Happy to let you know how it turns out. Hope all going well with the book, speaking, etc.
“Junky” Jacquie O

Connie Habash
10 years ago

I totally support you in doing shorter, easier to do posts! I’d rather read those, anyway.
I find in my own blogging that I run into the same problem. In the past, I wanted to write more in-depth articles about spiritual growth, but they take too long, so I’d put them off. When I’d write about the little inspiration that arises for me in the moment, I whip them out very quickly. And surprisingly, I tend to get more comments from those posts!

10 years ago

I love this idea!

Lori Robinson
10 years ago

As a blogger myself at I totally get your reasons and support you 100%. My guess is your short posts will be just as well received as your longer ones were. Try it a see. People just want info so however you deliver it, I will be there to receive it. Also, I have a plastic clean up project in Africa that is unique and I would love to share it with you and your readers if you are interested. Lori from

Grammy Sue
10 years ago

So happy you’re back stronger than ever! We don’t need long and involved…..just short inspiration helps keep us motivated. I agree with Kay, no one does it better than you! Thanks for all you do.

Cory at Aquarian Bath
10 years ago

Beth Terry If you need more generic type pics for blogging. Check out The photos are free for use.

Cory at Aquarian Bath
10 years ago

This is exciting.

Kay Pere
10 years ago

Great idea! Looking forward to hearing more from you again! Isn’t it interesting how succeeding at what we first set out to do ends up transforming the very things that help to make that happen? Both you and Colin Beavan have been so much quieter online since your books came out and your in-person appearance schedules have become more demanding. And for some things it’s nearly impossible to find reliable. others who can carry on with what you were doing before without losing the character of the original work. If only cloning were a viable option! But, no. I think using your blog to post shorter, Facebook-like entries–where YOU can be sure that all your readers can actually see them without paying to promote them–Is a really great idea. Glad you’re recreating this in a way that works within your current, really awesome, realities!

10 years ago

I’m excited! I hope this works out better for you :)

Beth Terry
10 years ago
Reply to  Amanda

@Amanda LOL. After I posted that, I got motivated and spent a couple of hours taking pictures and creating the longish kind of post I was just bemoaning. Seriously, this is how I get burned out. It’s a toothbrush post. It goes live at 8am PDT. But I had promised my friend Ro that I would write this post for many months now, so now I feel relieved that I have done it and kept my promise.