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October 24, 2013

Quick Action: Ask Vita-Mix to bring back the stainless steel blender pitcher!

Did you know Vita-Mix, the high speed blender that is so fast it can make hot soup, originally came with a stainless steel container instead of plastic?


If you don’t have time to read this whole post, please click the following link to sign and share the brand new petition I posted on last night asking the company to bring back the stainless steel container.

Okay, I’m guessing you have questions. I can explain.

Q) Why are you asking Vita-Mix to offer a stainless steel pitcher instead of a glass one like your Waring blender that you love so much, Beth?

Vita-Mix is a whole different breed of blender. Its super high speed makes glass unsafe.  What’s more, Vita-Mix blenders came with stainless steel pitchers for years, so there’s a track record of success already.

Q. Why are you targeting Vita-Mix and not other makers of high speed blenders like Blendtec or Ninja?

Vita-Mix is the original and the leading brand in its class. But even more important, the company was founded with the mission of promoting good health. The blender was invented in 1937 by William Grover Barnard, a pioneer in the health food industry, as a way to easily prepare healthy foods. Today, the company is run by William Barnard’s great-granddaughter, Jodi Berg, who is also an advocate for health. Read more about this company’s interesting history in Jodi’s own words.

So, with this emphasis on health in mind, and given that Vita-Mix’s customer base is primarily people trying to eat healthily, it would make sense for this company to offer a healthier pitcher option than hard plastic.

Blendtec, on the other hand, was founded on the idea of destroying stuff.

That said, if you prefer Blendtec or another brand, by all means, contact them and ask for a plastic-free option. But sign and share the Vita-Mix petition too, please.

Q. What kind of plastic is the Vita-Mix container made from and how do you know it’s toxic?

For several years , the plastic containers were made from polycarbonate and contained the hormone-disrupting chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA).  Recently, however, Vita-Mix switched from polycarbonate to Eastman Tritan co-polyester, another type of plastic, which is apparently BPA-free.  However, recent studies have found that nearly all plastics contain hormone-disrupting additives, even those that are BPA-free.  What’s more, plastics manufacturers are unwilling to disclose the proprietary formulae used to make their plastics, so consumers have no way to know exactly what chemicals could leach out or if any particular plastic is truly safe.

Q. Beth, if you’re happy with your Waring blender, why are you starting a petition targeting Vita-Mix?

A month ago, the subject of Vita-Mix came up in a Facebook group of green women bloggers. It turned out, many of the women either had one of these machines or wanted one.  And I thought, wow. There is so much power in this group.  And we are Vita-Mix’s target group.  Do we have the power to get this company to switch back to stainless steel? It was exciting to me to try.  Even though the group members are primarily green bloggers, we don’t always agree on every issue. This was one that everyone seemed to support.

Also, this campaign is not mine. It belongs to whoever wants to get involved. I put up the initial petition on, but this is an experiment to see what we can accomplish together.  Do you have other ideas of how to approach the company? Please go for it.

Q. Vita-Mix is really expensive. I don’t think I’d be able to afford one even if the company starts offering stainless steel. What can I do?

A while ago, I learned from Jay at Life Without Plastic that there are plenty of second-hand vintage stainless steel Vita-Mix blenders on eBay. (And if you purchase via this link, My Plastic-Free Life earns a small commission.) That’s where he and Chantal got theirs, and they tell me it works great. (That’s their blender in the image at the top of this post.)  Buying second-hand is more eco-friendly anyway!

Q. What else can I do besides sign the petition?

Here are some ideas, but like I said, please come up with some of your own.

1. Share the petition on Twitter. Here’s a sample tweet that is better than the one automatically generated by because it includes Vita-Mix’s Twitter handle and the campaign hashtag #vitamixss:

Ask @VitaMix to bring back stainless steel pitcher! Sign petition. Share. #noplastic #vitamixss @plasticfreebeth

Or you can just click this link:

2. Use hashtag #vitamixss so we can track activity.

3. Share the petition on Facebook and be sure to tag Vitamix and use the hashtag.

4. Write a blog post encouraging your readers to sign and share.

5. Send an email to your contacts asking them to sign and share.

6. Write or call Vita-Mix. Here is their contact information.

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Wes Gibson

A few months ago, my Mother passed her Vita-Mix blender down to me. She purchased it in 1967 when I was 8-years-old. I’m 57 now. The blender still works great, however, the stainless steel canister leaks around the blades. Rather than junking it and buying another blender, I found the procedures to repair the canister on YouTube and was able to purchase new seals on eBay for about $15. Works great.

I hope Vita-Mix does bring back their older style stainless steel canisters and blenders. They are made to last.

Julia Tran

I posted on Vitamix’s facebook page asking why they don’t offer a stainless steel container and they said they’d pass the feedback to their development team! Please post on their facebook to make the request directly so they know how much demand there is!


@Thomas Fleming and if u scroll down ull find with 220 plus 6 dol shipping

Beth Terry

claudia marissa Waring makes machines with either plastic or glass containers. Mine has glass. The one you are referring to is plastic, and because we don’t know what chemicals are in it, we can’t know for sure it’s safe. I would not buy a plastic blender from any company.


Glad some of you have purchased the Waring CAC90 for the Vitamix. I have been using mine for almost 4 years and while I do not think the blades are as good as Vitamix (dull rather than sharp) it works out real well for me.

Since more people are interested in buying this container, I wanted to remind everyone that I have an extra one to sell. I need to put the base back on the pitcher, but other than, it is perfect.

Lena Mumma

claudia marissa The same plastic (Eastman Tritan copolyester) is used in Waring, Vitamix, Blendtec and many other “BPA-free” blenders.
The claim of “BPA Free” is according to the manufacturer, NOT according to several INDEPENDENT (as in not paid or influenced by the manufacturer) scientists.

There are several studies (US and European) that show that “BPA-Free” Tritan plastic leaches BPA and other toxic chemicals.


claudia marissa Plastic is plastic is plastic. I kept the 5200 VitaMix base and bought a Waring commercial stainless steel vessel for about $220. I am not waiting for VM to get with the program. Those who run that company now are NOT the individuals who began it. I don’t remember the model number of the Waring SS vessel but it might be contained within the comments below or you could do an internet search (I don’t google :-) )

claudia marissa

Hello, is the Waring brand safe? this one:Raptor Co-polyester Container I was so ready to go for the vita-mix, saved enough to get it and then looking for glass storage containers stumbled on your blog, even if vita-mix has a glass container now, i refuse to give my $ to a company that was founded on health and now uses and sells plastic, toxic jars with their blenders. so I am going with Waring, thanks to your recommendation, but I will need to make more than just smoothies, hummus and soups are just some of the things I make.. can… Read more »

Dolly Day Dream

where can I buy a stainless steel jug in the UK ?


Does anyone have any experience with the dynablend high speed blender that has a glass container?


Thomas Fleming RedTulie
Thanks Thomas for reassuring us about the CAC90 container working with VM


Thomas Fleming RedTulie
I only found these 4 models and as you can see on the page it lists the blenders models that these are compatible with and the MX series is not among them.


Thomas Fleming RedTulie
If it fits the waring MX1 commercial blenders it should work. Safest thing is to call waring and ask them or any other retailer if it would fit the same models that the CAC90 container fits. The thing is I only know about the CAC90 which I ordered myself.

Thomas Fleming

RedTulie I don’t know if the Waring 32oz. container will fit. Anyone out there know?


I used a 1 1/4″ diameter by 13 1/8″ long dowel for upright part and a 1/2″ X 7 1/2″ dowel for the cross-piece. I drilled a hole in the large dowel to put the smaller one into to serve as a stop just above the blades. Both came from a local hardware store; I believe they are yellow pine. The length dimension of the fatter dowel will be different, I am assuming, with the Waring container. I do not have one yet. :-)


Would the Waring 32 ounce container fit as well? I find that the 32 oz size is pretty much overkill.


Does the 32 oz container fit as well? I find that the large container is usually overkill.


Trayd76 Thomas Fleming
Hi What material did you use to make your tamper ? Thanks




Actually it is nice to be able to see through the container.


Thomas Fleming Hi Thomas. Good idea; I am wondering if it will fit my Super 5000? Anyone know?

Barbara ZO

Will the Waring CAC35 Stainless steel commercial pitcher fit the Vitamix 5200 base?


The Waring Stainless Steel
container fits and works perfectly on most modern Vitamix bases. I was
informed by other people using it and have been using it myself everyday
for a few months.
Please watch my video review for more details:
Stainless Steel Replacement Container for Vitamix & Hummus Demo


Has anyone tried any of the 3.5 Horsepower Waring blenders that have a stainless steel container? I wonder if they are as good as the Vitamix? I’m cant seem to find a lot of review of them online. They are pricey.


Do you know if the Vitamix wet or dry blade assembly fits in the Waring CAC90 container and is there a 32 oz. Waring option?
Vitamix told me a long time ago they want to keep all their manufacturing in USA and to make a stainless container here is cost prohibitive. I wonder where the Waring container is made?

Thomas Fleming

Rendirae Trayd76 Yes! The Waring CAC90 container works on the VItamix base (I have a 5200). See my April 27th (post near the top of this comment list) for details. Pricey, but worth it!


Trayd76 Do you know if the Waring CAC90 SS container will fit the Vitamix 5000 base?


Dynablend & Waring Extreme are high-speed horsepower blenders that offer glass/steel options. Until Vitamix gives the people what they want, it will continue to give its competitors the upperhand & therefore, lose customers.

Thomas Fleming

Hello all! Instead of waiting for Vitamix to develop a non-BPA container, I bit the bullet and purchased the Waring CAC90 container (as recommended by Trayd76 below). And yes! It works perfectly on my Vitamix 5200!!! Yay! The CAC90 is expensive, but my gosh, it’s built like a tank…solid stainless steel…and will last a lifetime (or longer)! There’s an added plus too…the pouring spout doesn’t drip at all! The stock Vitamix plastic container always dripped making a mess. Sure…I wish it was glass so I could see and adjust the ingredients, but that’s a nit. Once you make a few… Read more »


@Paul They had wooden tampers with the stainless versions. I had to make myself one because the plastic one I had disappeared. Wasn’t very hard to do.


Great idea. I had a stainless VitaMix from 1982 until 2006. If they are willing to bring back the stainless containers, I REALLY want them to NOT use sleeve bearings at the bottom of the container. That was a really weak point for that design. The other weak spots were the handle and the gasket between the lid and the container that had to be replaced with some regularity. Those stainless models also had a very powerful reversing motor, unlike the models with the plastic containers. While it’s kind of nice to watch what’s going on in the container while… Read more »

Eileen Mulliken

In fact it was the Mother Jones article which prompted me to write Vita-mix. It is must read article.

Eileen Mulliken

This is great! I just discovered your petition which I will gladly sign…but wanted to mention that this afternoon I wrote Vitamix asking them to bring back the stainless containers and to suggest if any of the old stainless containers would work on my second generation blender.

Thomas Fleming

Trayd76 Thomas Fleming Thanks so much…great info! Let me know if you need a buyer for the extra Waring container!


Thomas Fleming Trayd76The blades seem to work the same.I have only used it for smothies so far as I kept going back to the Vitamix container for anything that needed a tamper (nut butters and such). I finally got sick of the plastic and made a tamper for the Waring CAC90 which works great. I have made “ice cream” a number of times with no problem (filled the container with frozen fruit and very little liquid (1/5 ratio). It is a well made container that has a removable blade (not as easy to remove as Vitamix but pretty easy). It… Read more »

Thomas Fleming

Trayd76 Cool. Does the Waring work as well as the Vitamix? I.e., do the blades perform the same?

Thomas Fleming

Mother Jones just published an excellent article that describes testing whereby Tritan “BPA-Free” plastics leach estrogenic compounds, In fact, the main ingredient, TPP, is even MORE estrogenic than BPA. Chalk to up to marketing, biased-science and high-paid lawyers for the public not knowing.
Video interview of the author on Democracy Now:
I just sent an e-mail to Vitamix with the above link asking for a no-plastic container! Everyone…please do the same!

Also…I tried signing the petition, but it always resulted in an error. Is it still active? I’ll try again later.
Keep bugging Vitamix!


I wanted to let everyone know that the Waring CAC90 (stainless steel) fits the Vitamix 5200 perfectly.

Steven A Rail

I want to buy a glass or stainless steel pitcher Vitamix, but I have not bought any kind of plastic and will not. –Steven A. Rail


I would like to join green women bloggers, but I could not find this group. Can you please post link to the group. Thank you.


Thank you for organizing petition!
New independent study shows that
plastic, which is in Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja and many others products
leaching BPA and few other very toxic chemicals. Links in the video
I made exposing video – Short Ver. – BPA free? Shocking
Study: leaching BPA… Q: Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja… BPA Free??? Short
version included shocking scenes from Plastic Planet Documentary!


I loved seeing this post, because I called Vitamix and suggested a glass pitcher months ago (not thinking about any safety conflict) and the woman I spoke with said that Vitamix was considering it. Not sure if she was just saying that or if there was any truth to what she told me, but it left me feeling a little more hopeful. My tamper is also plastic, which is another point I brought up and she told me that they use to have wooden tampers, but that the old wooden ones wouldn’t fit any of the new models. The e-bay… Read more »

Sarena Kopciel

Malky Hirsch

Penelope Landis

Excellent excellent! You beat me to it.

Jo-Anne Prattas

My husband just called last week to ask them if they had glass.

My Healthy Green Family

just read your article and see that glass is unsafe. Stainless steel then, all the way!

My Healthy Green Family

The container seems to be the part that is the poorest quality. Glass or stainless steel… YES!

Pam Lambert

Signed and shared on my FB page and 3 food groups I belong to. Trying to post on but it’s not going through. I’ll keep trying.

Taylor's Pure & Natural

Awesome! Stoked Where do we sign?